Look Both Ways is the personal website of Rob Johnston, launched in March 2015. Its title originates with the popular instruction to street crossers and is inspired both by personal experience (it’s a nice way to ask a loved one to be careful when she leaves the house) and a sense that we’d all benefit from a second look around us.

Rob Johnston is a writer, editor, photographer, web developer, and former nonprofit executive. He works with his wife, Stacie, to operate Some Pig Information Design.

Rob and Stacie live in Greenwich Village with two red and white Basenjis. They organize the New York City Basenji Meetup, which holds monthly gatherings (in good weather) at New York City dog runs to allow Basenjis to play together and their humans to compare, contrast, celebrate, and complain about their lives with these dogs. Basenji owners and the Basenji-curious are welcome to join.


This site aims to address issues that occupy Rob’s mind and fill his life. Topics include New York City; with special attention to the area from Union Square to Canal Street, mostly west of Broadway; walking; small business and nonprofit technology; communications; and Basenjis.

Feel free to contact Rob using the services included in the footer of each page, or use the contact form.

Look Both Ways

All photographs on this site are by Rob Johnston.